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Sport & Playbase offers a range of mats and resources for programmable robots. Our Robot Mats are available in two options:

1. Rubber Backed Playmat
Printed on 100% polyester surface with a rubber anti-slip backing, providing a durable playmat.

2. Coated Heavyweight Vinyl Mat
A value for money option, printed on to phthalate free PVC and then liquid coated to give a durable permanent finish.

Our Robot Mats are available in three scales:

  • Robots that move 125mm
  • Robots that move 150mm
  • Robots that move 200mm
Dimensions Playmat Vinyl Mat
90 x 75cm COD170 VCOD170
75 x 50cm COD171 VCOD171
120 x 100cm COD172 VCOD172
SKU: COD170 / VCOD170 / COD171 / VCOD171 / COD172 / VCOD172 Category: