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A 2 Meter diameter red vinyl circle with four curved soft mats which Velcro onto the inner to create a seating area. 12 spots of different textured material creates 12 seats. Benefits 2 Meter small size enables the mat to fit in smaller baby or toddler rooms, enabling it to be a permanent feature of the room. Provides a focused area for all group activities, such as story, singing and baby massage. Wipe clean vinyl inner, makes this ideal for al messy play activities. Soft seating provides a comfortable place to sit for children and adults. Sensory spots provides variety of tactile experiences for children as well as a focused seating area. Removable seating can be opened out to create pathways to move along to encourage crawling and other movements. Size enables the Visual Perception Soft Mat, Playmat and Circle Mirror to be placed in the centre to enhance your group activities.

200 x 200 x 5 cm

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