Baby Moves

The Baby Moves Visual Perception Gym Range is the perfect addition to any child care setting. Developing children need to practice their new found movement skills and get ready for the next stage of their development. Our Gym range will encourage small children to lie on their tummy, roll, crawl, climb, balance and slide in safety. All these big muscle movements help them to get ready for using the small muscles in their hands in preparation for writing. Movements where children move their right and left sides in opposition, called cross lateral movements, as they do in crawling, and ones which cross over the midline separating the right and left sides of the body, have been shown to be greatly beneficial to the developing brain. There will be plenty of opportunity to do these with the Gym. We are proud to announce that items from our Baby Moves range won a Bronze award in the 2013 Practical Pre-school Awards

Visual Perception Balance Ball

Product Code BMG110 Size 50 x 50 x 50cm

Product Code: BMG110

Squidgy Roll LARGE

Product Code BMG120 Size 70 x 21 x 21cm

Product Code: BMG120

Squidgy Roll SMALL

Product Code BMG121 Size 55 x 18 x 18cm

Product Code: BMG121

Geometric Perception Cushion

Product Code BMG130 Size 25 x 25 x 10cm

Product Code: BMG130

Perception Panel

Product Code BMG140 Size 100 x 75cm

Product Code: BMG140

Perception Looking Glass

Product Code BMG150 Size 100 x 75cm

Product Code: BMG150

Curiosity Corner

Product Code BMG160 Size 100 x 100 x 75cm

Product Code: BMG160

Curiosity Curve

Code: BMG220. Size: 183 x 58 x 40cm

Curiosity Curve and Multi-sensory Mat

Code: BMG225. Size: 200 x 200 x 40