Giant Playmats

For over 30 years we have been continuously developing our playmat materials to perfect the ideal hard wearing play surface for schools and nurseries. Our carpet playmats are made from a 600 gramme 100% polyester surface with a synthetic and natural mix rubber backing. For our tiles and jigsaw puzzles we use a resin stiffened 1000 gramme polyester with an anti slip rubber backing.

Early Years Town Playmat

Product Code: GP36 Size: 150 x 100 cm

Metropolis Playmat

Product Code: GP16 Size: 150 x 100 cm

Autumn Roadway Playmat

Code: GP86 Size: 150 x 100cm

Spring Roadway Playmat

Code: GP84 Size: 150 x 100cm

Winter Roadway Playmat

Code: GP85. Size 150 x 100cm

Summer Roadway Playmat

Code: GP85. Size: 150 x 100cm

Horse Riding Playmat

Product code: GP34 Size: 100 x 150cm

Fairyland Playmat

Product Code: GP123 Size: 150 x 100cm

Castle Playmat

Product Code: GP122 Size: 150 x 100cm