Messy Play

“Messy play is important for young children, giving them endless ways to develop and learn. Playing with toys alone can limit opportunities to develop imagination, creativity and critical thinking. Messy play is inexpensive and open ended. Children will discover enormous numbers of opportunities for learning and play, through timeless and accessible messy play activities.”


Product Code: APR Size: 75 – 54cm

Medium Aprons with pockets – set of 4.

Product Code: MAPPX4 Size: 63cm


Product Code: OV Size: 66 – 92cm

Small Aprons with pockets set of 4

Product Code: SAPPX4 Size: 54cm


Product Code: TAB Size: 57 – 80cm

Water Play Mat Extra Large

Product Code: PFM005 Size: 200 x 200cm

Water Play Mat Large

Product Code: PFM010 Size: 200 x 150cm

Water Play Mat Small

Product Code: PFM030 Size: 120 x 100cm

Water Play Mat Standard

Product Code: PFM020 Size: 150 x 100cm

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