Toddler Moves

Toddler Moves Neuro Gym Not Just soft play! The new Toddler Moves Neuro Gym is designed by Baby Moves, the award winning, leading early years design team, to complement the Baby Moves Neuro Gym and Visual Perception Gym ranges. They are especially designed to meet the needs of toddlers, their physical development needs of body awareness, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, and also their needs to play and develop language skills. The Toddler Moves Neuro Gym supports the play schemas and movement schemas of each child. There are secret pockets and holes to hide treasure in, places for toddler’s to hide, and cubes to stack up and knock down. There is no limit to where a toddler’s imagination will lead. These open ended items will help toddlers to create their own role play, and the interchangeable pieces are an ideal size to move into any desired combination. Language will be encouraged as early years practitioners support role play. What a great way to learn prepositions and position words, such as over, under, and through, as each toddler experiences these for themselves. Each piece comes with a specially written activity card via a QR code, to help you get the best out of every item, including ways to encourage physical development, language, PSE and play schemas.

Toddler Beam

Code: TMG080. Size 72 x 35 x 40cm

Toddler Push N’ Pull

Product Code: TMG100 Size: 145 x 145 cm