Delivering products of the highest quality is of the utmost importance to Sport & Playbase.
We ensure that all our products:

  • Comply with UKCA and CE toy safety standards.
  • Comply with AU/NZS 8124 toy safety standards.
  • We also test to ASTM US standards for Mats, Rugs and sewn products.
  • Fulfil all UK, US and European Fire Safety standards
  • Are made from top specification materials for longer lasting products
  • Are individually checked and certified.
  • All products are screened for any metal contamination.

Our aim is to produce effective and interesting educational products for use by children in a learning environment. As a leading manufacturer of pre-school, nursery, and primary school material such as children’s carpets, seating and protective clothing, complying to the necessary health and safety regulations is of utmost importance to us.

Our bespoke mat manufacturing capability allows us to bring our customers own unique designs to life, while ensuring child safety and a reliable, durable product.